• Educating the underprivileged

    We feel that education is the backbone of society and development can happen only through emparting quality education. The program deals with providing education from pre-primary to professional courses in locations from urban slums to isolated rural areas.

  • Sports Development

    We understand that sports play a very important role in building physical and mental strength for a child apart from imbibing discipline in the kids. Sports also leads to building competitive spirit and teach them how to be a team player. We focus on providing amenities and facilities to kids and give them a platform to develop their skills.

  • Enhancing Nutrition

    The program aims to improve the health and nutrition level of under nourished kids. Through this program, we provide children with the basic nutrition based diet, thereby focussing on wholesome development.

  • Computer Skills

    We conduct various computer skill development programs. The focus of the program is to ensure that the individual is able to understand the basics of computers and use it for his own good as well as for earning a living out of it.

  • Career Empowerment program

    As an organisation, we believe that it is most important to make an individual independent and self-sustaining, hence we focus actively on conducting vocational courses. The program provides vocational training to individuals above the age of 16 years and the focus is to impart skills which can help them earn a livelihood.

  • Medical Aid

    We provide medical aid to the deserving. We work with few established medical practitioners, who are the backbone of this program. Our aim is to provide medical aid and financial support for improving the medical condition of patients and ensuring a speedy recovery.