Uplift Foundation is a registered and independent social organisation undertaking various activities to support individuals, become self-sustainable and uplift their standard of living. We work towards upliftment of underpriviledged individuals and provide them with basic necessities like Food, Clothing and Education. We focus on providing training to individuals on various skills so that they become independent and earn their own living. The objective of the organization is to focus on improving the living standards of lower strata of society, by giving them opportunities to become independent. We have been conducting programs in the past in various slums, tribal areas, rural locations, etc. and making a difference to large number of individuals.

We started operations in 2010 as an associate of Redbrick Capital Advisors Private Limited (Redbrick). The promoters of Redbrick upon seeing the disparity between the society had a vision to make a difference to lives of underpriveledged in the country and ensure nobody is deprived of the basic nessecities such as food, clothing and education and hence the seeds of Uplift Foundation were sown. Since 2014, we have been registered as an independent trust under the Bombay Public Trust Act, 1950.

Uplift works on the ground level understanding the needs of the people and work towards making them meet these needs. Our focus is to make individuals independent and self sustaining. Each individual at Uplift Foundation works with the intention of being the agent of change and helping others to achieve their dreams.


To work for the cause of the underpriviledged and uplift their standard of living


We aim to be an organisation led by values, working with the sole intention of uplifting the standard of living of various individuals and strive to make a difference to millions of lives over the next few years.